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FREE listing, alphabetical and some categories

ABODA. Australian Band and Orchestra Director’s Association (NSW)

Accompanists' Guild of SA. AGSA. 84316030

Accompanist. Horn midi-files

ACT-cess. OZ music community database & crowd-funding

Adelaide Baroque. 83666510

Adelaide Festival Centre

Adelaide Jazz Scene. Publication is available Free monthly. 83 Sturt St, Adelaide. (08) 72260573

Adelaide Ukelele Appreciation Society. 2nd & 4th Tuesdays. The Gov.

Agents :

. . . . . BP Entertainment. Bill Parton. Supplies jazz & adult contemporary live music. Soloists, Bands, DJs

Allans Music - Print Dept.

Amateur Chamber Music Society Inc. (Sydney)

Amateur Chamber Music Society of SA ACMSA. Secretary : Victor Gomersall

Arts Industry Council SA

Arts SA 84635444

Arts SA : Test Drive The Arts Georgie Paynter. 84635409

Arts Access SA Access to the arts for people with a disability

Aural Tests. Earmaster software for aural training.


Australian Festival of Chamber Music.

Australian National Academy of Music

Australian Clarinet & Saxophone, quarterly magazine. Website has lots of links.

Australian Copyright Council.

Australian Music Association. AMA

Australian Music Centre.

Australian Music Examinations Board SA & NT. AMEB Uni of Ad. Julie Cranswick. 1st fl, Hartley Bldg. 83038088

Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing. ANATS

Australian Society for Music Education. ASME. To encourage and advance music education at all levels

Australian Society for Music Education. ASME, South Australian Chapter

ASME Music Education Web Portal. Huge categorised links access to music education resources

Australian Strings Association

Australia's Cultural Network

Barossa Band Festival

Band & Music Holidays in Hungary

Brass Down Under. Kevin Dallas. Encouraging excellence in Brass performance. ph/fax 612.94875348

Brass On Line. Karaoke, MP3 & streaming info.

Brass in Finland

CAN. Community Arts Network SA. 82310900

Canadian Brass.

Ceremonial Brass Quintet. Sydney.

Choirs, Male, Global listing, 1165 at 8/2009

Chuck Levin's Music Store. Washington. USA. (Chuck died 12 / 2002)

Clubs of Australia - Be a part of Life, Join a Club ! - Online Directory of Clubs and Associations


d'faces of youth arts Whyalla youth arts, old Bingo Hall, Viscount Slim Ave. 8645 1265

Elder Conservatorium of Music

EMDF Consultancy. Connecting business, the not-for-profit sector and the community

Event contacts :

. . . . . Adelaide Convention Bureau

. . . . . Association of Australian Convention Bureaux (AACB)

. . . . . Business Events Council of Australia (BECA)

. . . . . EventsSA

. . . . . Exhibition & Event Association of Australasia (EEAA)

. . . . . Meetings & Events Australia (MEA)

. . . . . Professional Conference Organisers Association Inc (PCOA)

. . . . . SAPA. SA Presenters Association. Where Performing Arts Meets Audience.

. . . . . OOTS. Out Of The Square. Matinee Shows in professional venues.

Festival contacts :

. . . . . Festival of Music Suzanne Rogers 8261 5438

. . . . . Adelaide Fringe Christie Anthoney, Director

. . . . . SALA Festival Conny Wilson, General Manager

. . . . . Feast Festival Catherine Fitzgerald, Artistic Director. Lion Arts Centre Courtyard. 84630684

. . . . . Adelaide Festival Centre Douglas Gautier, CEO & Artistic Director

. . . . . Adelaide Festival of Ideas 2009 Advisory Committee. Dr Robert Phiddian, Chair

. . . . . ASSITEJ World Congress and Performing Arts Festival. Jason Cross, Artistic Director

. . . . . Adelaide Film Festival Katrina Sedgwick, Festival Director

. . . . . Adelaide Festival 2010 Paul Grabowsky, Artistic Director

. . . . . Arts Access SA Inc & High Beam Global. Peter Tregilgas, Executive Director

. . . . . Adelaide Writers' Week Advisory Committee. Rick Hosking, Chair

. . . . . Strathalbyn Bands Festival. PO Box 115 Strathalbyn SA 5255. Lyle Seyfang 83707072 / 0409995360

Flame Awards ABC Classic FM & Music Council of Aust.

Flaming Steel. Young rock band playing rock covers & originals. Frank 0403504043

FlexiMusic Audio Editor. Turn your PC into a music studio, free trials for Wave Editor, Composer, etc.

Flute. Australian Flute Society

Flute. Flute Society of SA. Robert Brown. PO Box 3208, Norwood. 5067. 84310452

Flute. Luis Meireles Flute performer & teacher, Porto, Portugal. CD's available

Flute. Larry Krantz. International Flute website

Folk Federation of SA Inc. Dissolved 18-2-15

Forum for Recorders

Forum for Flutes

Forum for Violins

Forum for Melodeon / Diatonic Accordions

Fourth Valve. SA Brass Bands & resources

Four Bars Rest. Brass Band news & info

Four Bars Rest. Australian Brass Band news & info

Gig Launch. For Artists who want to play Australia and the world

Goettinger Symphonie Orchester, Germany. Stefanie Buchheister

Greg Trott Pipe Organ Assoc.

Gustafson. Musical instrument repairs. 123/38 Gawler Pl, Adelaide. 0449171774

Hickeys Music Supplies

High Schools / Special Interest Music Centres :

. . . . . Marryatville High School

. . . . . Woodville High School

. . . . . Brighton Secondary School

. . . . . Fremont-Elizabeth City High School

Historic Brass Society. Interesting stuff !

Horn. British Horn Society. More Horn links

Horn. Hornarama. Horn info, Graham Nichols. 02 95570896

Horn. Horn Player. Horn info & 2nd hand horns.

Horn. Horn Web

Horn. 33rd International Horn Symposium 2001. No later info.

Horn. International Horn Society. Excellent site

Horn. Horn Players FAQ. Excellent site & lots of helpful links.

Horn. Horns-a-Plenty for sale. Claim to be best Worldwide.

Horn. The French Horn. Ameerah Morsy's Horn site, lots of horn info, links & jokes !

Horn. Italian Horn Club.

Instrumental Music Service. SA / DECS

Intermusica International grouping of non profit making organisers of music courses for amateurs.

International Musical Suppliers Inc. Charlie Krause

International Festival of Brass, Melbourne 7-14/8/04.

International Songwriting Competition. Nashville

Jazz SA. Encourage & support Jazz in SA

James Morrison Academy of Music. Mt Gambier 2015

Kangaroo Music. This business ceased in 2006

Keith Otis Edwards, Concert Band traditional music composer, Michigan, USA

Ken Davies Music. Huge listings & links for GLOBAL MUSIC

Kerin Bailey Music composition, Jazzin' Around, etc. for students & instrumentalists. 83797294

Learn To Play Music. New learning platform for musicians, founded in Adelaide 1979

Little Birdy Tix. For the price of 1 ticket see as many shows as possible in 12 months!

Lowdown. The National Magazine for Youth Performing Arts in Australia

Melbourne Early Music Festival. Site unavailable.

Mnozil Brass, some YouTube clips : Mnozil 1. Mnozil 2. Mnozil 3. Mnozil 4 . MIFB 2007 / Bohemian Rhapsody

Montrose Music Supplies. S.A.

Music Clubs in South Australia listed under

Music in Communities Network National network linking community music leaders

Musica Viva.

Music Australia, represents all Australian musicians and music interests

Music SA 800+ SA Bands / musicians, free gigs & contact listings, info online. 82188404

Music Teachers Online. Currently Vic, NSW & ACT.

Music Teachers' Assoc. of S.A. MTASA. PO Box 1268, Golden Grove 5125. 82518168

Music Theatre Australia. Entertainment & Events Consultancy, find quality entertainers, etc.

Musicians Page. International list of musicians, conductors, composers & arrangers and other links

Musicians' Union SA

Music Licensing. How To Make Money & Get Exposure for Your Music by Licensing Your Songs in TV, etc.

Music Mating. Assists music talents to reach audiences

Music / Sheet. Sheet music & lyrics

Music / Sheet Free. Free Sheet Music Guide

Music Lives Beyond. Online music distribution worldwide. Chris James

Music / Midis. Midi files

Music / Midis. Classical Archives Midi files

MusoMap. A free service, developed by musicians to connect musicians everywhere

Muso's Media. Australia's leading brass & wind band music & cd distributor

Musicological Society of Australia ( SA Chapter ). John Phillips / Sec. 8395 5332

No Tenors Allowed. State Opera Studio. Jess Nash 0404639782

Orchestra Nova. NSW. MD John Nottle

Orchestras Australia. To promote Australian orchestral activities, formerly TOAN

Orient exPress Music. String Quartet Arrangements. Leonid Portnoy.

Organ Music Society of Adelaide. Christopher Wainwright. 0438829728

OZ Feathers. Flag banners, etc., design & produce. Linda. Willunga

Pacific Music Festival.

Percussion Room. Free percussion info, assignments, 2500 compositions, instrumentation, dictionary, etc.

Philharmonisches Kammerochester Berlin International Masterclasses for Orchestral Conductors

Pipe Band Instruments & Accessories Jaguar International - Pakistan

Pipe Band Uniforms & Badges. Pipe, Military & more. Pakistan

Presto Musical Repairs & Sales. Simon Clarke. 620 Marion Rd, Park Holme. 8177 1447

Pro-AM Strings. On-line Campus, tutorials, etc. 20 pounds / month

Print Musicworks. Print music store. 1800060518

Publicity :

. . . . . Neil Ward Publicity. Norwood. 0438095580 / 83613577

. . . . . Sheila Bryce Publicity PO Box 764 Glenelg 5045. 0416154061 / 83224581

. . . . . Radio 5MBS 99.9 FM. Diary Dates & more

. . . . . Radio Coast FM 88.7. FREE Coming Events listing & more

Recitals Australia. Hosts about 100 Concerts / year. Berenice Harrison 82664936

Recording Studios :

. . . . . Chapel Lane Studios. Music recording. Hindmarsh. 83466888

. . . . . Darren Mullan. Record Producer & Audio Engineer. 0411047770

Reed. ADRSA. Aust. Double Reed Society. Amy Iveson

Reed. Clarisax. SA Clarinet & Saxophone Network of SA. Peter Handsworth. 83635510

Reed. Saxophone Sensations Learning music & sax. A.Taylor 82676658

Reed. Razzco, formerly Reeds Australia. 8363 5510

Reed. World Clarinet Alliance. Clarinet info.

Reed. Alexander Superial Reeds. For single reed players. Tom Alexander.

Reed. G.N.Clarinet support. To reduce weight of clarinet whilst playing.

Remember to Practise. Informative USA musical site

Richard Craig Woodwind. Sales, Repairs, Resources. 0431136839

Richard Wagner Society of SA

Royal Commonwealth Society. Creating opportunities for Adelaide Musicians

SACCM SA Council for Country Music. Gigs, artists, etc.

SA Community. Connecting up Australia, lists Organisations & Services. List your Organisation, free

SA Music Camp Assoc. Josie Hawkes. 420 Carrington St, Adelaide 82320104 / 0438806285

SA for an up to date and informative look at what's happening in the SA Brass Band community.

SA Youth Arts Board

Salvation Army, Melbourne Staff Band

Simply Listen and Play. Learn to play keyboard or piano, no need to read music, excellent for sight impaired

Singers' Sessions. SA Folk Centre, 2nd Sunday monthly, 5 - 9 pm. $2 donation + $5 pizza


Stars and Catz. National Music Teacher Network, offers free matching for students. 1800330031

Suzuki Music SA

Symphonic Poems & Piano Concertos by Fred Jonny Berg, Norway. Download free sheet music, etc.

The Firm Chamber music at Pilgrim Church. 83321208

TheatreCrafts. Resources, theatre terms, etc.

Trinity College London Original external music examinations. Aus. rep. / Tony Hodges 03.95900428

Trio Musik Edition. Free to try Concert Band scores & parts.

Trombone. TUSABAA. Scott Shelsta, Newsletter Editor (The United States Army Band Alumni Association)

Trombone. Trombone Journal. Trombone info.

Trombone. Trombone Astralis. Site unavailable.

Trombone. Rene Hagmann Trombone site

Trumpet. R.Jones Trumpet site

Trumpet. International Trumpet Guild

Trumpet. Australian Trumpet Guild.

Tuba. Tubamania. Australian Tuba info

Tuba. Tuba on line

Tuba. Tuba is

Tuba. Tuba info

Tuba. MJT. Modern Jazz Tuba Project (R.Winston Morris & Co.). Great mp3 of My Favourite Things

Tutti Workshops Music makes Magic. Fiona Major. 83960994

University : Flinders. Mary Davies. Chair, Music Advisory Committee. 82015062.

Venues On Line. Lists venues Australia wide

Vitalstatistix National Women's Theatre. 84476211

Weinbergmusikanten. Poysdorf, Austria. Dynamic young blaskapelle in a great wine village out of Vienna

Wind Band Chronicle. Wind Band info.

Wind Song Press, Books & CDs

Winds Musicology. Low cost & free wind arrangements & MP3's for practise & pleasure

YBS Band European Champions 1996,1997,1999,2000 to 2004

Zip Lesson On line music lessons made easy

. . See 23-10-14 Blog

1. The audience should feel free to applaud between movements
2. Orchestras should tune backstage
3. We should be able to use mobile phones (in silent mode)
4. Programs should be less predictable
5. You should be able to take your drinks inside the hall
6. The artists should engage with the audience
7. Orchestras shouldn’t play in tail suits
8. Concerts should be more family friendly
9. Concert halls should use more cutting-edge technology
10. Every program should contain a contemporary piece

MUSIC and LEARNING : | Go to Top

What is so magical about music ? Why is it so powerful ?
Responding to music comes naturally to young children.
Babies mimic our speech patterns with babbles and snuggle into our bodies when we sing to them.
Toddlers enjoy music as a wonderful outlet for movement, communication, creativity and socialisation.
Many can remember words to songs not heard for years once the music plays.
Plato : Music is a moral law, it gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination,
. . . . . . and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.

MUSIC & LEARNING, a duet where music provides :
* Repetition that reinforces learning
* A rhythmic beat that helps coordination
* Patterns that help in anticipating what comes next
* Melodies that capture our attention and hearts in enjoyment
* Words that are the building blocks of language and literacy
* Its not that smart kids play music but music makes kids smarter

* Build and strengthen identity, self-esteem, relationships, communicate feelings and provide comfort
* Help toddlers express, share, make friends and feel comfortable in a group
* Foster language and speech development through stories, rhyming and rythm
* Develop individuality in discovering your own sounds & styles of music
* Launch creativity by filling in missing words and making up songs
* Develop muscles by finger plays, dancing and playing instruments
* Build coordination by following a beat and using minds, voices and bodies together
* Music adds to our quality of life and provides a creative form of expression
* Direct and positive effect on learning skills and helps develop confidence

* Universal, a reflection of the world around us and the people making it
* All around you, rain falling, birds chirping, traffic hum, even conversation
* You ! Create your own with your voice, hand clapping, feet stomping
* Discovery, there is no right or wrong way
* Fun and meaningful for everybody
* Therapeutic as a sing-a-long will quickly demonstrate and sooth disabled or other frustrations
* Involves and integrates an enormous range of abilities, stimulating the mind, body and spirit
* Relaxing and Essential. Enjoy !
* On a broader level, music builds social capital by enriching entire communities
* Link : Making Music Being Well. Activities about therapeutic & recreational benefits of being musically active.
* Link : Australian Music Therapy Assoc.
* Link : Music To Our Ears". 2013 Reports
* Link : How Singing Together Changes The Brain. TEDx, Melbourne 12/2013 Tania de Jong AM Inspiring !
* Link : Music to stimulate a yearning for higher learning. Australian Piano Quartet. Sydney 12/2014

* Most Australians are not active music-makers.
* Research shows that 75% of Australians say they would love to be involved in music-
. making but aren't, partly because they perceive music as a gift
* Only one in three Australian households has someone who makes music, compared
. with one in two US households and even higher proportion in many European countries
* There are an estimated 5.5 million LAPSED players in Australia – people who used to
. play a musical instrument but now don't
* In the same research, 87% of respondents agreed that music education should be
. mandated by States to ensure every child has an opportunity to study music in school.
*A 2014 Survey : More Australians Attend Live Music than Live Sport
. Despite our national reputation for obsessing over sport, a recent poll demonstrates that we’re more likely to
. attend a live concert than a live game. Conducted by Roy Morgan Research, the study reveals that, at least
. once every three months, approximately 14% of Australians aged 14+ go to a concert, while 11% go to a
. professional sports event. Rock and pop attract 78% of these concert-goers, with jazz, blues and classical
. drawing 32%. Furthermore, statistics show that the latter group are '71% more likely than average to drink wine
. with their meals, 60% more likely to consider themselves “a bit of an intellectual”, and 40% more likely to say
. they try to buy organic food.’

AN ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, 8 ingredients for the 'perfect package', from an external authority.
1. Timing
2. Luck (unfortunately, you can't do much about these first two...)
3. The Song - deemed the most important element. It should inspire reaction (elation, dance, cry, feel romantic, etc)
4. Vocal performance - the human ear connects with the voice first
5. Instrumental performance - thought of as the most over-rated, unless it's a distinctive part of your sound
6. Visual image - every act needs a strong identity
7. Your ‘Story' - you need a narrative, which gives you a point of difference
8. Attitude / work ethic - people who are the best are always trying to be better

Test Drive The Arts
Offers people with little or no experience of live chamber music the chance to “test drive” a concert at no cost.

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